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    • No slabs needed here just 6/8 stand coerncte blocks some coerncte mix and some mortar.Now pick a spot for your shed put a block in each corner measuring your 8 6 mark those,now take them up again and dig out some topsoil and put your coerncte mix in holes dug bringing it back up to level of your grass.Leave to set.Put down first block and level it then lay 2nd block and level off the first by using a long piece of timber by placing it on top of both and adjusting level of the 2nd block to correspond with the first continue until 4 corners are level.Measure your 8 6 again and adjust your blocks to suit now measure diagonally from outside corner of each block keep measurement the same,pull aline from corner of first to corner of second block and move blocks so as they are just touching line,leave line and dig another hole half way between your 2 blocks and fill with your coerncte mix again and lay a 3rd block there repeapt on opposite side your shed should now sit 4 inches off the ground. You can laya course of slabs around outside edge now for walking on later.

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH(it was probably an hensot mistake two boxes got smashed to shit. Right now there is a blender repair shop with a stack of comic books they don’t want.)

  2. Thanks Jennifer,At the time I posted this I hadn’t taken a look at the full list of CDWA ciegeorats. Was this kind of ownership information shared via AMICO and other collaborative projects?Having spent a few more weeks pondering the wonders of FRBR I might ammend my original comment above. I don’t have time to dive into it now, but I plan on writing my semester paper on the general topic area (stay tuned).Quickly using your example below and the work with FRBR I’ve done:There is an abstract idea of a dress like Martha’s. This abstract concept might be made concrete by expressing it in the form of a pattern, which is manifested as a drawing on paper, and Martha’s dressmaker owned a copy (item).Using the pattern, the dressmaker might also express the concept in the form of a physical object, manifested in salmon pink faille, one item was owned by Martha, and another by her sister.A CRM committee is working to create an Object Oriented version of FRBR (as opposed to it’s current Entity-Relationship format) to align it with CRM concepts. Looking forward to getting a peek at it and see if it fits better with some of the subtleties that a quick overview misses.

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