About Our Company
Trinity Excavating is a family owned company incorporated in 1991.

Our company provides excavation services to a variety of owners and general contractors.  
These services include; bulk and trenching excavation, site development, water & sanitary
piping construction, storm water management, erosion & sediment control, trucking, and
various demolition services.

The principle members of Trinity Excavating are of the Hinson family.  Although the Trinity
Excavating name is only 15 years old, it is a continuation of a family trade that has been passed
down for three generations.

Carl Hinson was the first to venture into the construction business by founding an
excavation/trucking company in the 1950's after completing his service in WWII.  
The second and third generations have continued Carl Hinson's legacy by working together to
develop Trinity Excavating into the company it is today.

The Hinson family has been blessed with the continued support of various owners and general
contractors who have put their faith in the Trinity workforce to provide quality work.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.
Trinity Excavating, Inc
953 Trinity Rd., Suite 1
York, PA 17404
Phone (717) 792-0693
Fax      (717) 792-4576

Chris Hinson           (Project Management)             cphinson@trinityexcavating.com
Jenn Hinson            (Human Resources)                jennhinson@trinityexcavating.com
Vicki Hinson             (Accounting)                              vlhinson@trinityexcavating.com
Tony Hinson Jr.       (Estimating)                               thinsonjr@trinityexcavating.com
Brian Meyer              (Estimating)                               bmeyer@trinityexcavating.com